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Yes, all home automation companies promise to manage all equipment in your house, with state of the art equipment, and personalized interfaces. And so do we. But what do we do, that others don't?

1/ We work with "German Gründlichkeit" - the proverbial German thoroughness.

Our company was created near München, Germany, 25 years ago - with showroom and service office in Marbella since 1999, managed by Xaver Schoder.

Our quality culture means we are extremely thorough - first in the engineering of the project, and then in the physical installation of the systems. What exactly does this mean for you?

We go further - to totally personalize the system for you.

Yes, most out-of-the-box automation software comes with personalisation options. But why show 4 buttons for lights in a room where you need only 3? Or why should you have to click thru a number of options you don't need, before you get what you want?

Too often, home automation "feels" too complicated just because of the limitations of standard software.

That's why we go further, understanding your personal preferences for your unique house - and then our software engineers write proprietary software just for you. And even after you move in, and decide you want things still just a little bit different - we finetune the system until it fits like a glove.

We dot the i's and cross the t's.

A system is only as good as it weakest link... A sloppy installation can ruin the effect of tens of thousands of Euros in sophisticated hardware. Every single wire, every single plug, needs to be perfectly executed to make sure that your system keeps working flawlessly, for years and years to come.
Our maintenance team is one of the smallest on the coast - because our clients never need them.


2/ We are "born" integrators.

Many of our competitors have come from other businesses - TV/Satellite, lighting systems, etc. - and then expanded into home automation.

We, however, are "born" system integrators - we know how to engineer one single system that can manage any equipment from any brand using one single platform. We don't have to cobble together one system for lighting or curtains with another for multiroom audio/video and another one for the climate control.

What is the advantage for you?

Ease of use.

Because all parts of your system are managed by one single software, every interface, panel, button will work in one same, intuitive way. We make sure you, and all members of your family, will find the system easy to use.

Stability and reliability

Many home automation companies use two or different systems for different parts of your home automation. They may use one brand for audio-video and multiroom, another brand for lighting or blinds, and yet another for control panels. All those different protocols, hard- and software are then connected with an interface; and that usually works well - in the beginning.

The trouble starts when one of the brands update their hard- or software; or when you later want to add a new piece of equipment. All at once, the systems become quirky and unreliable - until




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