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1. Deutsche Gründlichkeit

The proverbial German thoroughness means you get good engineering - ánd flawless execution. We do things "the first time right". No shortcuts, so your installation keeps working perfectly for many years.


2. Smarter engineering

We are true integration specialists, meaning we manage all of your equipment with one single system. So we don't have to patch together one system for lights, with another for climate control and another for multiroom sound.


Year after year, energy is getting more expensive - and a luxury home tends to use lots of energy, even when it's not being used by the owner.

Smart energy management uses a control unit with special software to analyse the energy consumption of all equipment in your house, the occupancy of the house, and even the weather forecast - and then optimizes it.

- A dumb system, for example, will run the pool pumps for X hours a day - regardless of the actual pH, the amount of sunshine, or the number of people that use the pool.
- A smart system knows that the owners are abroad, or that it's going to rain for the next three days - and adapts the pump cycles to the real needs.

- A dumb system will switch on the airco when the temperature gets too high.
- A smart system will lower the sunblinds before the house gets to hot.

- A dumb system will switch on garden irrigation every day at a certain time.
- A smart system knows it has been raining - or will be raining - and doesn't waste energy or water.


Smart solar energy

Smart energy management is even more useful if combined with solar energy and/or a battery backup systems.

In a place with 310 days of sunshine per year, solar energy can provide most of the energy to keep the house running for free. Especially in houses that aren't used year round, it can reduce monthly 'standby' costs to almost zero. During the peak months, additional energy can be taken from the public system; this way, the solar installation can be relatively small and very cost efficient.

While solar production fluctuates from hour to hour, a smart energy system can make sure that energy consumption is optimized continuously.

A battery back-up - powered by solar or not - can reduce your dependency on public electricity service and increase your confort and security, making sure that essential services keep running in the event of a power outage. Here to, a smart system makes sure that energy consumption is perfectly geared to the energy stored in the batteries.

Read more on the combination of solar energy, smart energy management, and battery backup...




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