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In a place with 310+ days of sunshine per year, solar energy makes sense - if engineered wisely.

Especially in homes that are not used all year long, a relatively small solar system can bring the 'standby' energy costs of an home down to almost zero. So when the owners are absent, solar energy can keep the security systems, pool pumps, freezers, ventilation, computers and SKY boxes powered... for free.

A smart control system can make sure that, at any time, the best possible use is made of the available energy; adapting the schedules of all the equipment as needed. On a sunny day, the pool pumps can do an extra cleaning cycle; and if there's extra energy left at the end of the day, this may be a good time to put the climate systems to work and de-moisturize the house.


Battery backup systems

Excess energy can be stored in the newest (much more efficient) deep cycle batteries. Those work also as a giant back-up system, making you less dependent on the official power lines. It is good to know that, in case of a power failure, your security systems, computers, SKYboxes and essential lighting and ventilation can keep working.

That's not only safe, but it also avoids damage to sensitive electronic devices around the house.


What about the cost efficiency?

Well, as you do not necessarily need to install the peak capacity that usually is needed only a few weeks per year, the investment is a lot lower than you think. And as all of the available capacity is always 100% optimized, the system usually pays itself back in just a few years. Not to mention the added benefit of knowing that your vital systems will always be running, even in case of a general power failure in the public syste.

Want to find out if solar makes sense for you? Please contact us for a free consultation or a quote.

Our systems are fully engineered in Germany and the Netherlands and installed by qualified installers. Maintenance is done by our own technical staff in Marbella; but we are proud to say this is a small team: we install things 'first time right' with 'Deutsche Grundlichkeit" so there rarely is any need for repairs.

Architects are welcome to submit their plans as well - we'll design an integrated smart home system for your clients that will make his home more energy efficient and more comfortable.


transparent solar panels

These smart 'transparent' solar panels fit well in contemporary homes - or can be used to cover car parkings or patios.

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Panels & batteries are only the visible parts of a smart solar energy system that optimizes the use of energy generated. Solar energy is only as smart as its control systems...


add. value.


Developers can add value to their developments in several ways.

First, offering a smart energy installation (or pre-installation) is an instant value added; as it is seen as an expensive item that is simply a must for a lot of high end home buyers.

The cost is lower than one would think - as the engineering & design work can be written off over a large number of units; the pre-installation hardware is relatively inexpensive and, if the systems are planned in during construction, the labour cost of putting them in is surprisingly low.

You can also differentiate your project from the competition. At Marbella Home Automation, we also develop 'project automation' that goes a lot further than the individual 'home automation' inside each unit.

How about integrating gate security and access control, and communicating between the homes and security, community services (maintenance, housekeeping) or reserving a spot in the community's sauna (and warming it up, of course)?

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