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Fingerprint & retina scan access control

face recognition

Face recognition for access control

safe room bullet proof safe doors

Safe rooms

keyless access controls for security in Marbella

Fingerprint access

keyless mobile phone access

Mobile phones can act as keys


Peace of mind is priceless.

Our high end security systems can provide you with unparalleled safety. Biometric access control, using iris or finger print scans, can make sure nobody ever enters without your approval.
Provided, of course, that the systems are tamper-proof - too many 'fingerprint' locks have a simple override button that can easily be accessed by breaking off the front plate.)

That we call 'smart' security: you don't need a system that makes you feel safe - you need a system that actually does keep you safe.

face recognition security systems
face recognition and/or fingerprint scans


Biometric and keyless access combined with security doors.

In a world where keys can be copied in seconds with a simple i-phone app, keyless access control and electronically locked safety doors are the only way to make sure nobody gets into your house, or close to your family, unless you want them to.

Gardeners, housekeepers, suppliers, painters, visitors - they all only get access to those rooms where they need to be, and only as long as they need to be there.

To you, the system can be totally transparent. You can freely move around the house, without ever having to think about locking (or unlocking) your doors.

If desired, different security 'scenarios' can be created; where the system increases (or relaxes) the security measures, adapting itself to your preferences; knowing that at any sign of a security breach, the system will switch automatically to high security - possibly with an entire lockdown of the house.

We also can equip your house with a safe room (a.k.a. panic room) - a totally protected room, with bullet proof security doors and independent communication systems.

Intruders can even be 'trapped' between two security doors. The system lets them enter through a first door, then shuts the doors behind ánd in front of them - so you also make sure they get caught and never come back.

The security rooms and doors can be totally hidden and invisible. Read more about safe rooms here.



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